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Meet a Survivor: Kelly M

On March 22, 2003, at the age of 15, Kelly was at a friend’s house when she suffered SCA.  She and two friends had just finished jumping on a trampoline and shooting baskets, and were heading into the house when Kelly collapsed.  Her friends called 911 and started CPR.  Within 2 minutes a police officer arrived and used an AED to shock her heart back into a normal rhythm.  She was …Read More

Meeting Agenda Aug 6, 2015

Minnesota SCA Survivor Network Meeting Agenda Aug 6, 2015 1230 to 230p U of M campus   Introductions   New Members   Committee Reports Board Report Treasurers Report Approved payouts   Speakers Bureau Summit Committee Legislative committee Membership Website/PR/Brochures   Old Business Miscellaneous updates Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium Rochester Western MN SCAA Take Heart St. Cloud Heart Safe Communities, AMT Mended Hearts Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association   New Business   Upcoming …Read More