Who We Are

The Minnesota SCA Survivor Network is a non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to support SCA survivors and their families, advocate for community access to AEDs and educate people about SCA and early defibrillation. Formed in November 2003, the Network is affiliated with the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association, a national organization whose mission is to prevent loss of life from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Membership and Activities

Members of the Minnesota SCA Survivor Network include SCA Survivors and Community Partners. Community Partners are people and organizations who support our mission, such as EMS, police and fire department personnel; city and school district personnel; medical device manufacturers; and health advocacy organizations.

We meet monthly to share information and work on meeting our goals. We generally meet the 2nd Thursday of the month from 11a to 1p at locations in the metro and across the state.  At each meeting we provide support, friendship and encouragement to Survivors and their families, and hear from a Community Partner about a topic of interest to the group. Specific activities of our members include the following:

SCA Survivors

  • Share their survival experiences and meet others who have been through a similar experience
  • Learn about SCA and related topics
  • Participate in public awareness and education events
  • Spearhead efforts to place AEDs in public places
  • Talk to legislators about laws concerning AEDs

Community Partners

  • Organize events to increase public awareness of SCA and AEDs
  • Provide opportunities for Survivors to tell their survival story and show the public how easy it is to use an AED
  • Implement community-wide AED programs to increase public access to AEDs
  • Advocate for legislation concerning AED placement and use